Our Favorite Walmart Office Finds!


Happy Wednesday, y’all! You know we love nothing more than staying organized while staying stylish… which is why we’re excited to announce that we’ve partnered with Walmart to feature their new exclusive tech line, MOTILE! We’ve found it hard to find necessary tech items for our office that are both functional and chic. These tech-savvy, every day accessories are perfect for the office whether you’re heading out for a meeting or running low on your phone battery.

This portable charger is perfect for on-the-go… plus, it can fit more than one cord which makes it easy to keep everything in one place! They even carry a portable Apple watch charger! And how chic is this laptop bag (under $80)?!?! Whether you’re traveling or at a photoshoot this fringe cord easily attaches to your keychain so you always have it handy! In addition to these finds, our office has been loving this sleek portable bluetooth speaker (you could even bring this to the beach)! Don’t let the price of these items steer you away… they are just as functional as they are stylish!

We’re always coming up with new ideas in the office and our moodboards keep our creative ideas in site at all times! These bulletin boards are perfect for brainstorming new product and branding! We love to keep them colorful and chic by using these gold pins, this striped washi tape, and adding a touch of ribbon in our signature color!

Take a peek below at how we’re using our favorite finds from Walmart’s MOTILE line!

snap up the perfect gift  here !

snap up the perfect gift here!

you know that color makes us happy! how fun are these colorful  iPhone charging cords ?!?! p.s. they’re just $10!

you know that color makes us happy! how fun are these colorful iPhone charging cords?!?! p.s. they’re just $10!

This post is sponsored by Walmart. #Partner

Photography by Jessica Amerson.