Southern Gardenia - A New Fragrance From Pencil + Paper Co. x Mer Sea & Co.

artwork by gina Langford

artwork by gina Langford

Today’s the day! We’re beyond thrilled to announce the launch of our brand new signature scent, “Southern Gardenia,” in collaboration with Mer Sea & Co. (because you know we love nothing more than partnering with other like-minded brands and talented female entrepreneurs). Lina, of Mer-Sea spent years living in Nashville, developing a deep love for the South, especially the flowers. She and Gen immediately connected over the idea of trying to capture that Southern scent in a bottle. We hope that Southern Gardenia instantly transports you to summer in the South - where the days are extra long, filled with sunshine, front porch hangs, sweet tea, and the scent of gardenia and jasmine fills the air. And if you’re like us and love to take a small piece of the South with you whenever you travel, the rollerball is perfect to pack when you’re on the go!

Let's be social! We'd love to see where your #southerngardeniatravels take you this summer. Tag us on Instagram at @pencilandpaperco and don’t forget the hashtag #southerngardeniatravels on your posts!

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