creative conversations: ray booth

It was incredibly exciting for us to be able to interview our dear friend and fellow Nashvillian, Ray Booth, for our latest installment of Creative Conversations! Ray has just released his brand new book "Evocative Interiors" from Rizzoli and it is both beautiful and inspiring! We have long admired Ray's wonderfully thoughtful designs and attention to even the smallest of details, but it is his kindness and generosity that leave us in awe. 

Bobby McAlpine, fellow partner of lauded architecture and interiors firm McALPINE, has so eloquently shared notes on Ray's signature aesthetic:

"Distinct is his empathetic signature. Handsome, intuitive lines layer and build in subtle color and texture, hosted by large, quiet scale and gesture. There resides in his work a young spirit and an old soul netting a maturity and energy and timelessness to rooms that both hold and deliver you."

We are delighting in Booth's residence (that we'll be visiting tonight to celebrate the release of his new book – follow along in our Instagram stories for a sneak peek!), and never-before-seen projects in Palm Beach, Louisiana, New York, Texas, and the Hamptons. Congratulations, Ray! We can't wait to toast to your successes. Up next for our talented friend? A line of furnishings being released with Hickory Chair in 2019. 

P.S. Be certain to snag a copy of his book for yourself here!