p+p reveal: doctor's office

So excited to share this reveal of a doctor's office we completed here in Nashville! We loved working with the team at Women OB to create an entirely new patient experience...one that feels relaxed and inviting with a more residential spin! Really, we want to change the game when it comes to doctor's office design!

There are tons of parameters when working in a hospital setting, so we had to get creative with products we wouldn't typically use in a residential setting (think: linoleum floors). We also needed a way to make it feel homey while NOT using things we normally would—like rugs! Different zones throughout the lobby create spaces for things to do while waiting for your doctor; the bar has outlets along the wall for working, the couches have books nearby, and there's a table to color with your kids if they come along on your appointment! 

We developed an entire branding package for Women OB in collaboration with Kathy Mitchell. Everything from the doctors' coats, to collateral, to patient rooms was considered—so that the entire experience feels cohesive. We're so happy with how it turned out. If you live in Nashville, you need to meet this amazing team of doctors! Below, we've rounded up a few products for you to "get the look"!

Photos by Tec Petaja; large scale art by Kayce Hughes