staub cookware

We recently featured our new Staub cookware on an Instagram story and received so many questions, so we wanted to share a bit more about our favorite new pieces.

As we get older we are realizing that making the investment in lifelong pieces really pays off. And when it comes to cookware, nothing beats cast iron! We love how our new classic frying pan makes cooking - and clean-up - simple and easy. Staub products are made in France and used by some of the world's greatest chefs...they feature a special black matte enamel interior for easy non-stick cooking. 

We won't lie though, sometimes form can be just as important to us as function - and luckily in this case the design does not disappoint! (How cute are these cocottes??) What's great is they are attractive enough to go from the kitchen straight to the table. 

Macy's has a great assortment of colors and styles available - and they're all on sale right now!!! We love the white and grey shades. Not only will these last forever (and get better with age as cast iron does) they will never go out of style!

We're true believers that investing in beautiful, quality made cookware is money well spent.