We couldn't be more excited about this beautiful new dhurrie rug that just arrived from our dear friend  Mark D. Sikes' fabulous new "California Stripes" rug collection for Merida Studios. We agree with Mark...you can never have enough stripes, and this beauty is exactly what our playroom needed!!  Each rug is hand woven with beautiful Gabbeh dyed wool yarns....they are truly made to last.  We think rugs are so important as the foundation for a room, and we love how our new  "Brentwood Dhurrie" in Indigo really finishes the space. 

Just like us, Mark harbors a "lifelong obsession" with stripes. Mark has said that he tends to gravitate towards simple, natural fiber rugs, rather than the more ornate oriental alternatives. We love that approach -- with a simpler foundation there's more room to play with patterns elsewhere in a room's design. All of the rugs in his collection are "timeless, versatile, and fun"....exactly what we would expect from Mark!

This collection is largely inspired by "dhurrie" rugs, which are thick, flat-woven Indian floor coverings with geometric motifs. Mark has used vintage dhurries in his designs for years. You can see how he expertly styles them (often layered over a sisal) in his fabulous new book Beautiful: All American Decorating and Timeless Style. 

Congratulations on another  "beautiful" collection Mark, we're already eyeing our next purchase!