original art love

One of my favorite things to do before I go to sleep is what I call..... "vintage hunting". I typically spend 15 minutes cozied up in bed with my laptop, decompressing with my etsy obsession. It's my alone time (the only part of the day that I get to do something just for me) and I absolutely treasure it! Sometimes it's vintage dresses that I'm obsessing about...but quite often it's art.

What I love about shopping for art on etsy is that you come across beautiful "Real Art" and sometimes you get extra lucky and its even affordable. When I say "Real Art"....I mean original pieces of signed art....sometimes you score a beautiful vintage treasure thats been hiding in someones basement for years....but sometimes you come across a super notable artist! Either way...it feels like a great museum tour to me! And I just I love that this beautiful art is accessible to everyone!

I admit, I LOVE the hunt- and Etsy allows me to "hunt" from by bed each night...which brings me lots of joy! Below are a few of my lusts from last night! Happy Hunting!


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