get the look: p&p studio powder room

We finally got around to installing wallpaper in our P&P Studio powder room last week! And it's probably no surprise that "Wallpaper Install" is my favorite day of any project! There is just something about color and pattern that make me happy! And we are huge believers in surrounding yourself with spaces (and people) that make your day just a little bit better!

Normally we would wait until our space was completely finished and professionally photographed to share.....but we have had so many inquiries from this weekend's Instagram "sneak peek" that we wanted to share sourcing info more quickly! So please ignore the the unfinished details (promise you won't even glance at those concrete floors....still deciding if we should paint or just completely cover. Feel free to chime in with ideas)!

We love designing powder's such a great opportunity to add some personality and have a little fun!  If you have a powder room that's in need of a little love, check out our "Design to Go" program or if hands on isn't your thing, contact us for a custom quote and we'll take care of everything!

Scroll down below to see all of the sources and "get the look".

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