living with nest

We've had many people ask us how we like our Nest thermostats over the years. So today, I wanted to share a little bit about this product that we LOVE. 

Put us in the "early adapter" category...I'm pretty sure we were one of the first people to purchase a Nest thermostat when they were first released in 2011. My husband, Benjamin, is a technology lover and was instantly intrigued with the capabilities of the Nest plus it's GREAT looking design. WE HAVE BEEN USING Nest Thermostats in our homes and projects ever since.  We love how the Nest allows us the ability to easily adjust temperatures from our phones and laptop...even when we're away!  We love this layer of "smart" and "pretty" technology that has made our home feel as functional as it is charming.  

We thought today we'd share how we've utilized Nest products throughout our home and point out a few of the key features that we love best.   

I'll admit, I'm not the most technologically advanced person..... so ease of use is important to us.  Both the thermostat and Nest app are incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

The device also learns your schedule and programs itself to follow your routine.  So, when Oden comes home from school, his "kid zone" is the perfect temperature.  This also allows you to save energy and lower your utilities!

We love how the Nest cam pairs with our thermostat......when the thermostat knows we're away from home, the camera automatically turns itself on!  It's capable of 24/7 live streaming and will even send you text alerts if anything happens.  It also has night vision and a two way intercom, so you can talk in addition to seeing and hearing what is going on.  

There are so many wonderful components to the Nest System and we love that they are always thinking about the next improvement.  

photography by Leslee Mitchell