"picture perfect" - meg's entry

Hi everybody, it's Meg here.  In case you happened to miss our first post, we've launched a new series called "Picture Perfect" where we'll be tackling one room in need of a little love.  I'm beyond excited to be first up! 

We're on our third week (even though I'd like to turn back the clock to week one) and have been working on lots of things behind the scenes...securing sponsors, placing orders, dealing with crazy lead times and finalizing designs...fun stuff!  Progress is happening!  Today we're sharing my entry design.  When I purchased the house, it was completely untouched since the 1960's...one day I'll share the before, before photos!  One of the first things I did was tear down a 19' wall to open up the space.  This left me with my front door opening directly into my living room. To keep nosey neighbors at bay and make sure the UPS man couldn't see me sitting on the sofa watching hours of mindless Netflix, I built two 3' fin walls to create an actual "true entry" space.  

When it came to designing the actual concept, I knew I wanted a mix of modern and traditional.  I think the combination of styles makes a space more visually interesting and just feels like me!  We often ask clients where they shop for clothing, because it provides so much insight into their personal style. For me that's J. Crew and Anthropologie....classic yet a little girlie too! I wanted to incorporate pieces that I love....something vintage, that has a great story and just makes me smile every time I look at it. But, I also needed a piece that could provide additional storage!  What I love about this vintage credenza is that it gives me "pretty" and "functional storage"!  It's the perfect place to hide shoes, jackets and other random tid bits that find themselves in the entry.  

Finding the right wallpaper can sometimes be daunting, even for designers!  There are so many great designs available these days.  I knew I wanted something black and white to tie into my overall base color palette.  My goals were to find a graphic, classic modern design and also make sure it would work well with other colors and patterns.  I ultimately landed on the Deconstructed Stripe (it just felt right) but below were few other contenders!

one | two | three | four | five | six

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