new series: picture perfect!

We are excited to announce our new blog series called "Picture Perfect".  Follow us here and on Instagram where we'll be tackling one room at a time in need of a bit of LOVE!  We'll be sharing all of our tips and tricks for how to turn a blah space into a "magazine ready" room!  

First our very own Design Manager Meg Kelly.  Meg makes every day here at Pencil & Paper Co. better with her cheery smile, southern drawl and keen sense of design.  But...even designers get stuck sometimes...especially when it comes to their own home!  Meg recently purchased her first home in Nashville, a 1960's ranch that hadn't been touched since it was built.  To say it was in need of some serious love would be an understatement!  She's spent the past 8 months gut renovating her main living space (removing a 19 foot wall, gutting and installing a new kitchen, adding and refinishing floors, replacing all of the plumbing, adding new trim plus built-in's, and painting the entire house) and if that weren't enough...she did most of the labor herself to stretch her budget and now...that budget is gone!  More to come on that later...  

She finally wrapped up on the renovation and is ready to start with the fun part...the design!  Follow along over the next 10 weeks to see the process from start to finish.  Here's a sneak peek of Meg's "before" photos and our vision for her living room.


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