our new collaboration with ceramicist Jill Rosenwald

We are long time fans of the wonderfully talented ceramicist Jill Rosenwald.  So, when she reached out to discuss a collaboration with us late last year, we were beyond excited!  Jill shares our passion for color and pattern so we knew this would be tons of fun!

We ultimately landed on five pieces for our first collection and quickly edited down the color palette to our favorite: blue and white.  We love how blue and white can be styled in so many different ways and this classic combination can be paired with all of our favorite colors!  But what we love most, is the mix of bold graphic patterns...just the perfect amount of "Pattern Play"!

When we began designing this collection, we knew that we wanted to create a set of dishes that could be used for a fun dinner party or to liven up any table by paring with other solid white pieces that most of us already own!  We also always love to have a little tray - great for serving appetizers before dinner!

Then we got to the real fun...creating a couple of super size versions of our favorite silhouettes!  We are known for creating large scale kitchen islands that double both as a dining table and gathering spot, but we were always frustrated with how tiny a typical fruit bowl or vase looked.  We love the boldness of a graphic pattern paired with something in a larger scale.  That's how we landed on our "Zag" vase and fruit bowl.  

These beautiful pieces are functional works of art ..... hand made and painted in Jill's Boston studio.  Each piece is truly an heirloom in the making.  We had so much fun putting this whimsical collection together and hope that you find a piece to add to your collection and enjoy for many years to come!

Lifestyle images by: Leslee Mitchell, product images via: Jill Rosenwald