design to go promo!


It's Monday and what better way to get over the Monday blues than to do a promotion!?  This is a good one friends...through Wednesday, July 29th...we're offering 20% off Design to Go!  In case you're wondering what Design to Go's an affordable online alternative to traditional interior design.   In a nutshell...we design your space digitally...we're so tech!  To help you better understand how Design to Go works, we wanted to share a recent client project... Kelly and her husband just purchased their first home.  They have 3 year old twins plus a new baby...needless to say, their hands are more than full!  Their goal was to create a beautiful yet funky family room space that was realistic for their small family.  Through our questionnaire, we asked a variety of questions so we could get to know Kelly a little better and determine her families overall style, needs and goals...

How would you describe your style?

California eclectic inspired with vintage mid-century modern flair. Drawn to natural and woven fibers, brightly colored textiles and patterns and art with white walls, brass, vintage or vintage inspired colorful rugs, brass accents, unexpected details

How would you like for the space to feel once complete? 

Casually hip and elegant. Stylish without trying too hard. Injecting Cali eclectic in upstate NY. Comfortable and livable. FUN and bold - bright and cheery. Not your typical suburban family/dining room.

What type of patterns are you typically drawn to?

Mix. Boho/tribal patterns; geometric and vintage floral prints.

Do you have particular colors you're drawn to, or colors you'd prefer not to see in your space?

Was thinking indigos/blues, fushcias, tangerine for this room. Open-minded though! Probably not yellows.

What type of art are you typically drawn to? Do you have a favorite artist?

Modern abstract art with bright color. Love photography, particularly black and whites.

Budget: $10-20K

We then asked her if she had any items in particular she'd like to keep along with photos of the overall space.  In addition, she sent over a floorplan (see, it's super easy to do!) along with inspiration photos for the space.


From there, we started designing...and ultimately landed on this final family room concept board and layout.

FAMILY ROOM - Design To Go-01


We all know a space isn't quite complete without accessories!  From there, we picked out items for Kelly's coffee table and built-in bookshelves that added pops of color and visual interest.

Cohen Family - Design To Go-04

Cohen Family - Design To Go-05

Kelly is currently in the process of purchasing each of these items off of the digital shop list we provide...once everything is installed, we'll share the before and after...we can't wait!   So there you have it friends, if you have a room that needs a little don't walk and take advantage of our limited time promotion.  Within 2 weeks, we can help you achieve a magazine ready room but as a reminder, you have to purchase by midnight this Wednesday.  If you have trouble filling out the questionnaire or sending payment, please email