domino magazine: before + after SOURCES!


Today is the day friends, we're sharing sources for our before + after kitchen found on Domino Mag.  We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to chat with you about our Design To Go program.  For those of you who are unaware, it's an online affordable alternative to traditional interior design.  We design your space and then it's up to you to implement at your own pace.  If you love our style and are in need of help but don't live in Nashville, this is the program for you!  Or even if you live here with us in Nashville but just need help giving your space some extra style, Design To Go is right up your alley!  We're sharing a couple of pieces you would receive through the program today, a storyboard and shop list.  The storyboard is essentially the concept for the room and helps us visually see how everything would work together.  We would also provide a floor plan for the space so you'd know where to place each piece.  Once you sign off and are happy with each item, we send you a shop list.  It's super simple, you click on the item name, purchase and then you'll have your floor plan to work off of and in the end, you have a final beautiful space!  If you or someone you know may be interested, go on and take a peek here to learn more about the program or you're always more than welcome to email me and ask as many questions as you'd like. Happy Shopping!

Beauregard Kitchen DTG

Shopping List - Beauregard Kitchen


Wishbone Chair | Dining Table | Kitchen Island | Parisian Pendant | Lattice Rug | Ikat Rug | Feather Wallpaper | Cabinet Hardware | Countertop | Le Creuset Pot | Untitled 1957 Artwork | Refrigerator | Dishwasher