Easter Inspiration


Can you believe it...Easter is just right around the corner!  My oh my how time flies!  Gen is a PRO at putting a great Easter basket together, so today, we thought we'd share some inspiration of past Easter baskets she's made- plus some of our favorite treats to help you make an amazing Easter basket this year!

Tips for the most amazing Easter Basket EVER that will make your kids squeal with excitement:

1.  You don't always have to use a traditional basket.  A cute tote, ceramic vessel, or even a backpack is a great alternative and it won't go to waste after the big day!

Past Easter Baskets-03

2.  The trick to creating a beautiful Easter Basket is to pick a limited color palette (3-4 colors is ideal). We love to start with one item that is the jumping off point for your palette. Could be an amazing "liberty print dress" or even cute packaging. We just adore the colors in the band aid container below!

3.  Color palettes aren't just limited to pink for girls and blue for boys! We love the unexpected mix below of red, aqua, and yellow. And bonus you can create one "style basket" for boys and girls!

Past Easter Baskets-05

4.  We are also huge fans of dyeing brown eggs....they take on the most vibrant amazing color!

Past Easter Baskets-02

Now for the fun part, we're sharing some of our favorite treats!  Click the links below to purchase.

Easter 2015.2-01

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