"project pretty please" kitchen renovation - round one


Pendant Light | Gold Flatware | Abstract Art | Bar Stools | Wishbone Chair | Pedestal Table | Repose Gray Paint | Mauviel Pot | Marble & Brass Shelf | La Cornue Stove | Rug | Hardware | Dishes We've had lots of requests to share kitchen sources... so today we thought we'd share with you Gen & Ben's personal kitchen renovation at their home (#projectprettyplease).  Construction is finally complete and we're sharing the first round plus "how to get the look".  We've yet to style it up, but I personally love seeing the progress and hopefully you will too!

If you're wondering where in the world that name came from, well...I'll tell you a little story.  When Gen first saw the house, she fell in love.  It definitely needed some work but she and Ben are both pros at finding a diamond in the rough.  They weren't sure if they would actually "get" the house (there were multiple bids) so herein lies where the name came from, Gen termed the house "pretty please" and the rest as they say is history!

woodmont kitchen 2-02

Woodmont Kitchen 1-03

The design element that we love to begin with when designing a full scale renovation- is the kitchen.  It's the heart of the home and really helps define the overall "vibe" of the space.  When Gen first saw this La Cornue stove, she fell in love.  She also knew she wanted to use brass hardware and lighting in the space while still leaving her stainless steel appliances exposed. The La Cornue stove pulled the entire space together with its mix of brass and stainless accents. It's definitely the focal point of the kitchen.  Ben is the cook in the household and he definitely wanted a stove that's function is as spectacular as its form. La Cornue delivers on all fronts.

Woodmont Kitchen 1-01

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