project creative couple before + after dining & kitchen


Hey friends!  Today we'll be sharing with you the dining room and kitchen makeover for our creative clients, the Lockwood's.  This finishes up their bottom floor with the exception of the screened room, which we'll be sure to show you once it's completed! Round One: Dining Room Before - On our first meeting with the Lockwood's, we instantly realized this would be a fun project as soon as we saw their amazing wallpaper!  Also, how awesome are the floors!  They have great style and did a good job with the space, it just needed a little editing and lightening up.

IMG_6204 IMG_6209 IMG_6571

Round One: After Dining Room - It's amazing what a little editing can do!  We started out by removing the mirror and replaced with a great piece of vintage art we found at a thrift store.  We then exchanged the red chairs with white wishbone chairs which gave a nice contrast to the dark wood table.  We then added a great flat woven rug to bring in grey from their kitchen (which you'll see shortly) and it helped ground the space.  Super quick and easy transformation!


Round One: Kitchen Before - We really loved the vibe of their kitchen, it reminded Gen of a great Brooklyn apartment.  Our biggest goals for this space were to edit, organize and add to it's already quirky personality.



Round One: Kitchen After - Our biggest transformation to the space was the addition of great large stripes that went around the entire space.  We wanted to give the room some visual interest and a fun graphic punch!  We then worked on editing, added art and relocated certain pieces.  We are still working on this first phase and have great shelving from West Elm that will replace the desk area.  This will house all of their china and other kitchen gadgets.

IMG_8341_2IMG_8412_2IMG_8407_2IMG_8413_2That concludes the first floor and round one of our makeover for the Lockwood's.  If you’re in need of a quick makeover, let us know!  We'd love to help!  For all of you out of towner's, be sure to check out our Design to Go program, we're sure it's the perfect fit!