teen boy's bedroom+hangout


 bedroom area
hit of color at stair landing
private hangout space off of sleeping area

"grown up"  bathroom
updated shower
graphic roman shades
bedroom overview
I'm not always the best at sharing photos of projects!!!! I think this is because at the end of a project you are always rushing to make a deadline (and don't have a moment to pause and get "good" photos)!

 .......And because I am such a perfectionist- it kills me to share photos that are missing the finishing touches (i.e.missing window shades, accessories, etc). I think also, because I have styled so many of my own homes for books and magazines ....I know the incredible difference between just snapping a quick photo of a room and those that appear in print. Just know- that anything you have seen published has had a team of creative people spending hours styling the space and the best photographers capturing the perfect angle!!!  

That said....here is a little "peek" into a teenage boy's space I worked on last fall. As "imperfect" as my photos are...... I am sharing them with you anyway!!! I will try to get over my perfectionism.......and share more!