picture perfect: meg's bathroom before


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Hey friends, it's Meg here sharing with you another exciting installment of our series "Picture Perfect"!  If you're new to the blog and are wondering what in the world is "Picture Perfect", well it's where we tackle one room at a time in need of some serious love and transform it from blah to what we like to call "magazine ready"!  If you have been following along, you may already know that I purchased a little 1963 ranch that hadn't been touched since then! I've been slowly renovating it over the past couple of years (click here to see the before and click here to see the after my entry, kitchen, dining and family room) and finally decided it was BEYOND time to transform my bathroom. I have to admit, I'm slightly mortified to share the "before". You'll see why below, but because I know how much we all love a good "before & after", I'm willing to air all of my dirty laundry for y'all!

This is a really small bathroom and my overall goal was to make the space bright and playful with warm accents and a touch of sophistication which you'll see on the "concept board" above. 

I'll be sharing tips and tricks in our "after" post – which, if you're anything like us, sometimes it's just too painful to wait, so we'll be sharing the "after" TOMORROW! I truly can't wait to share the transformation, it's an exciting one if I do say so myself!  In the meantime, be sure to check out our Instagram stories for more "before" photos and maybe a couple of sneak peeks!